Dumlao Reunion @ Pangasinan 2011 – May 12-14, 2011

We had a blast sa vacation namin sa Pangasinan at the same time celebration for our 2011 Dumlao Reunion. It was a three day vacation but we experienced a lot of things. I am so happy to introduce my husband -Jhoenel to my relatives (he met my relatives in father side, for the first time). He met my Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and my 92 year old Grandmother (in fairness to my lola – ang lakas pa nya at walang mga sakit na nararamdaman.) Thanks be to God

me and my 92 year old grandmother – we call her “MAMANG”

May 12 – Road trip – on the way to Pangasinan. It was a 5 hour trip (plus the stop over to pee, plus we also bought shrimp, plus we were stopped by a LTO personnel, geez kakahigh blood ang mga tiga LTO, hahanapan ka talaga ng butas para may maikaso sayo, hinanapan kami ng mga warning devices, and we ended up giving that personnel PHP220 – mga kotong cops nga naman..)to sum it up, I think, it was a 6 hour trip from Manila to Dasol Pangasinan

First location was at Dasol Pangasinan, we went to Auntie Perling’s home (eldest sibling sa magkakapatid), we ate lunch and nag siesta kami don, but unfortunately di ako nakatulog kasi ang init, wala kasing kuryente at that time, kaya mega paypay ako at picture taking na lang inside the house.

They also have a backyard wherein may mga alaga silang manok. 

Di na rin kami nagtagal sa Dasol, after Dasol we went to Sapa Pequena – our second stop. It was a nice experience to be at the hometown of my father, where he lives his younger years.

To give you a brief history –  when my grandfather died last May 1995, that is the only time we got to celebrate our reunion. On the first death anniversary of Papang  (that is what we called our Lolo) we had our first ever Dumlao Reunion and it was held last 1996 @ Dasol Pangasinan and Auntie Perling’s being the host of the said reunion, since she is the eldest of the 9 siblings – yes you read it right – siyam silang magkakapatid nila Papa. Anyway, napagkasunduan na every year iba-iba ang magiging host sa nasabing reunion, starting form the eldest which is Auntie Perling down to the youngest which is Uncle Pompy, so the next reunion as well as Papang’s death anniversary was held year of 1997 hosted by Uncle Boy and family since sya ang 2nd oldest sa magkakapatid, and the rest was history, actually nakadalawang ikot na kaming sine-celebrate ang Dumlao Reunion and 16 years nang patay si Papang.

We held our 16th year reunion and celebration of Papang’s death anniversary @ Uncle Arthur’s place – His family being the host.

Staying there for one night was a humbling experience for me, they have a simple lifestyle and living, no TV, no Computer, no internet access, and worst no electricity. Nasabi ko nga sa sarili ko di ko kayang tumira sa ganong lugar at for some people sasabihin nila na kawawa ang mga taong nakatira sa ganong estado dahil walng computer or anything about technology, but come to think of it, mas swerte sila kaysa sating mga nasa city na sobra ang polusyon, kasi sila doon, they have the fresh air to breathe in and fresh of everything, food, etc..no hustle and bustle of the city. Well that is life, sanayan lang sa kung ano ang nakagisnan mo. Definitely I wanted to help them na magkaroon ng kuryente sa kanila, kahit kuryente man lang para di sila mahirapan sa gabi, samahan na din ng TV, para may mapaglibangan naman sila 🙂 , God willing. 

My Uncle Remy and Uncle Arthur does for a living – livestock (cow and goats), farming, they do charcoal, they are also selling bamboo Php40.00 a piece (long), and I think poultry din.

I want to share with you a picture of myself while crossing the bridge – pinagpawisan ako ng malamig and I felt like I am on the verge of death while crossing, that bridge – sounds OA? hell yeah, but I really felt that way at that time. And if you’ll notice I removed my slippers so that my feet can hold on tightly on the bamboo. 

The POSO and I, miss using that stuff.

The Pregnant Cow – The before photo

I want to share with you another photo that caught our attention and excites me to the bone. I had the goose bumps watching a cow bringing the calf outside her womb (It was my first time seeing that act, that is why I had goosey), but i must say, I’m happy and what a wonderful and mysterious thing to see. Galing ni Lord.

 I love this shot  – the illuminating flower took by my hubby

Another photo of myself taken by my hubby in sunset mode

Most of the Comfort Room in barrio’s look like the above photo – made of nipa and bamboo. And take note of their toilet bowl, it’s just a hole with a cover

Nhel took a bath at the deep well

May 13 – Next stop was at Agno Pangasinan (Uncle Pompy’s place), we went to Umbrella Rock Beach Resort – they called it Umbrella Rock because of a big rock that looks like umbrella, I regretted not taking the whole image of what they call  umbrella rock 😦

@ the lighthouse – so much tired climbing up to the top, but we made it. Me, Nhel, and my cousins Mia and Dean

The Heads – my first time to cover my whole body with the beach sand.

May 14 – Good morning river…so much blessed to be able to breathe fresh air, thank God for that. My relatives are so much bless living in a less pollution place than big cities

We bought calamari since it was cheaper than in Metro – Php80/kilo in Agno, while Php120/kilo in Manila (great deal, right?)

Businesses my Uncle Pompy’s managing, to name a few; “Sari-sari store, Manggahan, piggery, etc.”

Happy Fiesta – Last stop before we went home was @ Auntie Esteling place located at Burgos Pangasinan where there are Tiangge’s all over the place.

Mouth watering WATERMELONS (pick out from Auntie Esteling’s farm, one of her businesses)

While on our way home, we’re in Tarlac and I saw Kina Rogers Chicken signs, yeah, I spelled it right. KINA ROGERS CHICKEN adapted from the famous Resto “Kenny Rogers Chicken” Cool name huh.so catchy..LOL

To sum it up – Whatta vacation – It was a tiring vacation but happy to finally got to see my relatives after a year to strengthen family ties and bonds and it is also a time to get out from the pollution of the city. Thank GOD for the guidance and protection all through out our Summer getaway.

To GOD be the glory

 Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE 🙂


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  1. iamclare
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 13:46:41


  2. Jhoenel Gesta
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 10:03:05

    Thank you sa most wonderful wife ko in the whole world


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