Double Dismayed

I was so happy that I finally got my last pay out after 78 calendar days from my separation from Metrobank, and supposedly it should be 45days lang from my separation pero umabot sya ng 78 days 😦

I was so upset, because I’m expecting that I will get a much higher pay-out but it didn’t turn out the way I expected, but nevertheless, still, I’m thankful pa din to GOD, for the blessing.

Another thing that made me super sad is that, I am gaining weight because of my improper eating (sarap kasing kumain, hayyy), kasi later this afternoon, I went through my wardrobe and I’m already having trouble finding things to wear since I normally wear small sizes of clothes and now my size is large na, huhuhuhu 😦 so my old clothes are unflattering na, almost all of my clothes don’t fit me, so I’ve decided na mag diet na talaga, disiplina ang kailangan, now totoo na talaga to, kasi naman puro umpisa lang, then balik sa dating lifestyle (sarap kasi kumain diba?), pero now totoo na to at tuloy-tuloy na. Sa sobrang sad ko, umiyak ako kay Nhel, and he promised me na iso-support nya daw ako sa diet ko, thanks babe. I love you.

Diba it’s a good thing to know that when your are sad/depress there is someone who’s willing to support you all the way and love you no matter what?  Hindi lang naman because I want to have a good figure, one reason din siguro kaya ayoko na magpabaya sa sarili kasi ako din mahihirapan bandang huli, there are times na nahihirapan na ako huminga at mabilis na ako mapagod, so I guess, it’s because of health issue na din that is why i’ve decided to watch what I eat. Tomorrow is a new beginning, goodluck to me. Hoping that I can finally wear my small size clothes. Positivity, Positivity, Positivity

To GOD be the glory

 Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :)


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