Well, early this morning – Mama, Nhel and I went to Market2x, why?

1. I’ve changed my maiden name to my marital name in my BDO account, mom should be there since ka-joint account ko sya, pero after that transaction sumibat kagad sya, kasi pupunta pa sya sa BIR for a meeting with BIR personnel together with his Boss.

2. I deposited the check I got from Metrobank for my last pay-out

3. Strolling at Serendra and at Market2x

4. A BRUNCH date with Hubby 

Picture first while waiting for our order to gets in. Look at the pending’s number 1, yes we are the first customer in Brothers Burger Serendra for that day. 

I thought it was just a table display, but it’s NOT, it’s a toothpick, salt and pepper container, well Nhel’s right, they will not put it on the table if without a purpose ayt?, hehehe, tama naman si Hubby.

Nhel and I Brunch for today – The Big Brothers Burger (1/2 lb) for Nhel and Green Delight in Ceasar dressing for me, hahaha, diet ako?

First time to see an automatic escalator – well it has a sensor at the bottom right of it. sorry naman kung pinicturan ko, eh first time makasakay eh, bwahahaha 🙂

Another GALA mode with hubby. Love it..

Definition of BRUNCH (noun)-a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE 🙂


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