Happy Bday Mama

Heypy Bertdey to my fantabulous mom in the whole wide world (kung maka whole wide world naman talaga eh noh….) Well, we treated our mom @ Gerry’s Grill Market Market for her 61st birthday, wherein we pigged out to the max like there’s no tomorrow, hehehe

We are all full..burp,burp,burp..

Happy Birthday again mom. We love you

Wait before I forget, I will NEVER go again at Gerry’s Grill Market2x branch because the male waiter was rude, I regret not getting his name – hay naku kung may comment box at customer survey lang sana don, bagsak sya sakin, as in..

Case no 1. His welcome was not sincere, actually he directed us to our table (in-fairness to him), but I requested another table, the one located near the wall glass, and he was like complaining, not in words but his action shows it, para ngang napakamot pa sya ng ulo eh.

Case 2. When we asked him to take a picture of the group, he was like saying “tsk tsk” or something like “ano ba yan” basta it’s against his will, parang if you translate it in action parang “napakamot ng ulo”, hayyy the nerve of that guy, grrrr.

Siguro pupunta ako don once para alamin lang yung name nung guy na yun, hay bad customer service, 😦 well di ko naman nilalahat, yung waitress naman na isa don ay commendable, I am only referring to one guy. Anyhow, to sum it up naman busog kaming lahat kahit may isang rude waiter, we enjoyed naman the foods from Gerry’s Grill especially the chicken lollipop, sarap ng dipping nya na garlic flavor.

Enough about that rude waiter, well, after the sumptuous lunch @ Gerry’s Grill we went strolling at the mall.

That’s all for Mom’s bday.

Fantabulous – adjective. obviously is the fusion of “fantastic” and “fabulous”. [origin: Bianca Gonzales] 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a video that was tagged to me by my friend Irene, and she said that the lead role of the vid looks like my hubby, ahem ahem, wala lang I’m kinda proud lang for the compliment. Here’s her comment:

Irene CapuaClare Dumlao Gesta kamukha ni nhel mo ung bida..hehe..naalalaa tuloy kita nung college.hehehe noon time na nagsisimula pa lang nag lovestory nyo ;P

Pangarap Lang Kita feat. Happee Sy Narrative Video starring JM de Guzman and Sab Anupol

Thursday at 4:44am · 
Ooppps. I can’t download the vid, just click on the link na lang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnmueYll5Wo&feature=player_embedded. Thanks


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