5k Run @ The Fort

I love the weather today, it’s gloomy and so – not hot, sana laging ganito. Anyhow I am so happy coz I burned some calories tonight, I had my 5k run together with Hubby, Kuya Jerald and Tina at the Fort, woot woot, this is it pansit..hehehe.

Lemme share a new website that I enjoyed so much, why I say so? – because it is already late at night and I am still awake busy doing a slideshow (but hello, it is not just a simple slideshow, but it is a jaw dropping slideshow that can feature your vacation picture in a major major way, it’s more like a movie), well it’s easy as 123, just follow the simple steps provided, it’s a user friendly site, basta madali lang syang gamitin, just add your pictures, choose your theme, add music and well-la, isa na syang magandang movie, I super like the design. I made two slideshows, I’ll share it here once I have the privilege to download it, for now kasi hindi pa pwede, According to the site, I need 10 pax to view it so that I will have an authority to download it, so please FB friends view it, hehehe. Anyways thanks to my FB friend Aika for introducing it to me.

Here’s the link http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow

I am staying up late already and I’am kinda dizzy na, so goodmornyt na mga friends and enjoy doing your own slideshow.

GOODMORNIGHT (Noun) fusion of goodmorning and goodnight. Combining late at night and early morning [origin: Me – pauso lang]

To GOD be the glory

 Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE 🙂 


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