Where’s My Doritos???

Waaaa, early this morning I am craving for Doritos, buntis??? Well no – I am just craving, so since my mom will go to a grocery store I told her to buy me one, niloko pa nga ako ni Mama kasi when she came back, I immediately asked her if she buys the Doritos, and she said “Nak ang mahal eh”, and I am kinda like frustrated with her for not buying me one, sabi ko pa “babayaran naman kita dito eh 😦   with matching sad face and then I saw her, she was pulling something to the plastic bag and my face turn to a smile, a big smile when I saw my Doritos, Yey finally my craving for Doritos over and at this very moment I am enjoying it. I thank you BOW,  End of Doritos story.

Sharing the Highlights of my day today

* I did not do a 5k run today but I had my Last Minute Abs workout for 5min (it is a HIP HOP ABS program by Shaun T.)

* I punished my grade 3 nephew for not doing his school work. He has an assignment written at his notebook to cut pictures in the magazine, period nothing follows (hayy di nya natapos isulat yung homework nya) and when I asked him what picture, he cant say a thing, he forgot daw, whatta…pano nya magagawa assignment nya, grrrr, so what I did I gave him a punishment, he must write his name in 3 pages of paper – yung pang grade 1 na papel, dapat dikit dikit at baliktaran. Pasaway na bata. Well, enough of a bad story.

* Lets go to a good news.. Yey, thank GOD coz I finally can say I am completely healed. Thank GOD, I am ok na, no hard cough, no pain in the throat anymore.

PS:  Happy Bday to my cute Best friend Bridge Abo-abo Redor, we wish you all the best in life and a safe pregnancy. God Bless you and Alex and to your little one in your womb. Missing you so much Best. Mwaaaaaa

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE 🙂 


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