Celebration Time – Come On!!!!

So many occasions for today.

* To my hubby Nhel, happy 58th monthsary, it’s been 4 years and 10 months of being together and I am looking forward to our 5th year anniversary this coming August. Wow time flies so fast, isn’t it?

* Happy Father’s day to my Papa Ben and Tatay Jesus – Nhel and I love you so much

* Happy 150th Bday Dr. Jose Rizal. – so many documentaries was aired on TV today featuring Dr. Jose Rizal’s life, such as:

Cheche Lazaro – Lolo Jose biography in ABS-CBN

150th Piging para kay Pepe, hosted by Cesar Montano in GMA7

Jose Rizal Film – Cesar Montano as Rizal and directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya in QTV Channel 11

Nahilo nga ata yung TV namin kakalipat lipat from one channel to another, I really love History, Biography, Documentary and Rizal, so swakto talaga sa panlasa ko yung mga napanood ko, mix of History, biography and documentary about our National Hero Dr. Rizal, I uber enjoyed watching it, I learned so much about Lolo Jose, I thought sapat na yung nalalaman ko about Rizal, pero hindi pa pala, so many interesting insights about life, lovelife, etc of our National Hero.

May I share lang, when I was in 4th year college, we studied the life of Jose Rizal and I always got the highest score in our quizzes – I am not boasting myself ha, but I guess I just love History and I enjoyed reading Rizal’s  Biography, how he fought for the liberty of our country, his ideals for education to free us from ignorance and so in the hands of the inhumane ruling of Spaniards. He used his pen not an armed and weapon revolution to enlighten his countrymen, because he wants a peaceful reform. In that note, Rizal Vivir – Mabuhay ka Rizal…

* Since the latter subject is all about birthday, I would like to greet my college friend Richelle Gayares, an advance happy bday, actually tomorrow pa talaga ang bday nya (June 21) but she celebrated it today, thanks for the invites and for being so hospitable, so happy to catch up with you again for the longest time. PS: sarap ng spaghetti, burp burp.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :)  


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