Phase 1 Medical and Contract Signing

Nhel and I woke up early this morning, he accompanied me on my Phase 1 Medical and contract signing for my application abroad. This is it na talaga, I am now few steps away from reaching my goals for myself and my family, so help me GOD.

My phase 1 medical includes:

* X-ray

* Medical Laboratory (urine, stool and blood letting sample checking – kinabahan ako sa pagkuha ng dugo, being a Hematophobia – I can’t afford to look at bloods. )

* Dental

* Psycho Test and Abstract reasoning test

* Optical

* PE

All the six check-ups mention above consumed my time for 4 hours, Nhel being so kind, patiently waiting outside the Clinic, thanks babe and I love you.

After my Phase 1 medical, Nhel and I Immediately went to my processing agent because I already signed my contract and tomorrow I will attend PDOS, hayyy maaga na naman gigising kasi 8AM start ng Pre-departure Orientation Seminar.

So all-in-all wholeday akong nag-asikaso ng dapat asikasuhin – Medical and Signing of Contract. Nung nakauwi na ako, I tutored my nephew and we lasted for 4 hours doing his assignment, hayyy, gamit na gamit ako ngayon, for sure masarap tulog ko. Good night guys.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :)  


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