I already finished my PDOS =Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar. All OFW who will work abroad either in Landbase or Seabase or applicants who qualify for a permanent address abroad must attend PDOS before leaving the country, it is compulsory, for the reason that PDOS certificate should be presented in the Airport on departure, if  fail to present it to the Labor Assistance Center, they will automatically deny you to enter your country destination.

They also tackles Travel regulations, Cultural differences, Settlement concerns, Employment and social security concerns, and rights and obligations of Filipino immigrants/OFW, how to handle home sickness, the pros and cons of working abroad, some ways how to handle your income effectively, things to bring to the airport upon departure, Departure points-what to show-what to get, do’s and dont’s, etc. etc.

Hayyyy I am really a few steps away from going abroad and honestly it makes me sad 😦 I should be happy right? but why am I sad? **Big Sigh**, it’s because I will miss my family, this will be the longest time that I will be away from them. Positivity positivity positivity, kaya ko to, with the help of God.

I am praying na sana sumunod na kagad sakin si Nhel doon, please Lord.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :)  


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