Typhoon Falcon

Hey you Falcon, pls. go away, we do not need you here, quotang-quota ka na dito, tsupe…you cause a lot of troubles  in the Philippines. 

* cancelled flight

* suspended classes

* heavy traffic

* flood – even here at home, huhuhu napasukan na kami ng tubig

* overflowing dam due to heavy rain

* you even caused tornado in some parts of Iloilo and QC

Be safe everyone, let’s all pray that Typhoon Falcon will go away ASAP. Anyhow, I just stayed all day here in my room without Nhel, hayyy I am missing him a lot, sa Sunday pa kami magkikita. I miss you Nhel, specially today na malamig, wala akong kayakap 😦 You owe me one ha, when you come back hug me the whole day ha, hehehe.

Early this morning I checked my friendster account (hahaha – wala kasing magawa) and happy to read all the good Testimonials written by my friends about me, anyway, Friendster has “Testimonials” feature, where you can write a personal testimony for your friends, sikat na sikat to before, if I can still remember,  mas madaming testimonials mas masaya, pagandahan ng testimony, bolahan to the max, hehehe. Ako nga kinakarir ko ang pagtetestimony. Nakakatawa nga, naalala ko lang, someone asked me to do him a testimony, and I answered him back “gawan mo muna ako, hehehe”.

Below are my friend’s testimony, kulang pa nga yan eh, yung iba na-delete, I dont know why.

nalynAug 21 2009, 07:42 PM

Hi Clare!hanep ung about me portion ng fs mo.talagang bongga ha!
pra aqng ng basa ng essay,hehehe…
Ge!see u around sa mcc!

cheolJul 17 2009, 09:26 PM

belatedhappy birthday clara!!! sensya na huh now lang kita nagreet bcoz im vry busy for my korean language education!!!yup very sweet naman ng patner mo wish ko sa birthday mo sana makasama mo na sya dont worry i will always pray for you okay! nanjan lang si lord nakikinig sya!!!so hapi hapi bday sau friend!!!muawh luv u miss u!!!

ThinaJul 17 2009, 08:07 AM

Happy birthday po . . .
I know we dont talk so much or share secret with each other . . . But still I’m still here, just to listen. I know you have many friends but for me were just like sister hehe . . . Special yung day na to for you, I wish na lahat ng goal mu is ma-achieve mu. and as for you and Nhel, wishing you both happiness and love forever. . .
Happy bday po uli . . . mwua . .

haystJul 17 2009, 03:39 AM

how sweet naman tlga si fafa nhel..


happy happy happy birthday poh….

ingat lagi…

and godbless always…..



JeRPeRT NHeLJul 16 2009, 06:03 AM

happy birthday sa one and only queen of my heart and advance happy animonthsary sau baby 1 month nalng 3 yrs. na tau gus2 na kita mahug ng sobrang higpit. i love you and miss you very so much baby. lam ko nahihirapan u dahil malau me sau pero tandaan u always na mhal na mhal kita forever and ever till my last breath kaw lang wala ng iba. ipagppray ko na sana makapunta kana d2 para maalagaan and mabantayan kita lagi. ginagawa ko i2 para sa future natin kc ayaw kita mahirapan. double happy pala baby ko love you.

haystJul 16 2009, 04:27 AM


J♥A♥e♥Z♥AMay 07 2009, 07:50 PM

clang, hehehe ;))

forever model k p rin sa pics mu. hehehe ;))

miss yah!

DiethelMay 02 2009, 05:07 AM


♥-mhel-lelet-♥Dec 27 2008, 07:32 PM

hahaha yeah a bit sulky.. ^_^
thanks sa comment.. yan may comment
na ko from u =p… klan ka alis??
so sad tlga pag magkalayo no? anyway,
God bless po sa lovelyf, family and in
everything u do.. kelan kasal? hihihi


take care…i rili appreciate our fwenzhipz..

since elementary pa hehe..



hi fwen..thanks sa nicest comment ever..hehe..lucky & thank god i had my chances to went through to dat places ive bin…actually passion ko tlaga lately pag explore & travel around..we’re d same, travel & living..living asia..balikbayan..trip na trip..gone for da weekend..hehe..many to mention dat inspires me goo for the road…wats best, ure wid sum1 u share da nicest views & had dat kodak moments..hehe…diz nov.29 ill b havin my trip wid my ofc family @ boracay..hehe..for the 2nd tym..dnt worry..snce u luv to travel,ill gve u souvenir in each places ive bin..promise!!ill gve it to u pagkita tau.
sna we’ll hve naman our chance to c each ader..ahh..yrs to be exact na taung d nagki2ta..dnt knw wen ako ng punta kla precious..we went @ fatima & p.a’s places kaso got no chance to c dem both.. =(
clarence, ah..wit & charming fwen of mine…naka2miz during old tyms every xmas party & closing tym..hehe..nakakamiz maging bata..haha…elemetary days..bottie pa mga

parawhoreNov 16 2008, 08:13 AM

Clarence S. Dumlao, Alias = Ciara Sotto, was one of my classmate before at University of Makati. She is fun to be with.. Super kind, humble, god fearing and very down to earth… At first I thought she’s mataray like me…hehe, but as time goes by, she’s very nice and friendly pala… Me lng pala ung ganun..hehe.. you’ll get to know her nice character lalo na pag-nakasama nyo xa!! Swear!!!

Clar, miss ko na bonding natin.. it’s been quite a long time din na di na tayo nakikita, u know naman bz-bzhan ang Lola mo…but don’t worry.. I’m still here for yah….thanks for the friendship girl.. I really appreciate it and i will treasure that forever..mwuah…Thanks nga pala sa testi although it was simple and short hmmm meaningful naman…ingats lagi..God Bless..

milkshakeSep 02 2008, 09:47 PM

hi there…
how’s everything??
mukang happy ang lovelife ah…
im happy for both of you..
miss ko na kau mga kumare…
im having my little boy na this month..
patay ka ninang ka! hehehe…

J e S s i EAug 09 2008, 08:46 AM

hi pio cencia n f nw lng ppoi aq n kpag
comment nag bbc bchn lng poi
aq e…
cenia n n poi tlga

by the way

ate clare
wer kna b?

miZ u poi
kc e

i miz ate clara jzt bcoz she’s really nice 2

me but olny in me but also

the people around her

im so thnkful coz

i met her nd we’ve been closed

2 each ader


thnk 2 ol u’ve done 2 me…

alawayz take care poi



…………SweEt JeSsIe…………

jOyceJul 08 2008, 02:57 AM

Hi Clarence, advance b-day!!! oh ayan batiin n kita for advance so means di pa rin kita forget lalo n ung bday mo on July17, sobra miz n kita friend akalain mo more than 8years n yta tayo friends since grade4,hehe…hapi ko kc your d one of d best of my friends tlga masasabi ko in my life,,,I hope di u magbago sa akin even if we so far each other na, keep in touch pa rin tau ha! Miz ko n ung magbonding natin! Again HAPPy Birthday,,,take care always! I luv you,mwuaah…

wOw aMan..tHanks sa pRetTy cOmmenT..hehe….
yeah, waY baCk oN oUr hYscUl daYs,eVenthoUgh we’re nOt cloSe beCause of soMe stUff iD stilL remEmber diS gHurL was sO pRetty, taHimiK aNd fRienDly bUt uNluckiLy we doNt get tHe chance to bE a beST bUds bUt lUckiLy iM so thaNkfUL to kNow diS woNderful ghurL….hOpe we caN get the cHanCe to kNOW eaCh other welL…hihi….regaRds sa mGa fweNds mU…. ‘kip seYf…^_^

MiaJun 26 2008, 00:05 AM

how’s my cousin?
my god ur so pretty…
aq lng ata ang pangit sa Lahi natin,.haha
anyway cous cha and gail inviting me at their place on july… just get together again..hehe.. I hope that u will come also so that we’re complete whatever that day is..haha..
I saw ur bf in some of ur albums.bagay kau.. when is the wedding?are we invited?hehe…
takecare cousin.godbless..
hope 2 c u soon..
bye 4 now.. Late n q, may report p q ngaun sa school hehe…
mwuuahhhh.regards me 2 ur family and of course 2 ur bF..

Dane PaoloJun 20 2008, 02:25 AM


sheryn gail’Apr 28 2008, 02:00 AM

hey gurl…,,

thanks for the add and b-day greetings…

si ate lourdes, add aqq.,, hehehe, nakakaloka..

anyway, yah its true
we dont see each other often like ur bf’s saw u…

yet, we value our so called “cousins”…
dat’s wat importante is..

hmm,,testi naman…

hmmm clara???…

no doubt, she’s really beautiful like me.. except da hyt, im cute kc..

my tantrums din yan,, u cant tame her dat easy, hehehe…

she’s really a good persom,, a loving daughter..

byebye 4 now…

Dane PaoloApr 18 2008, 02:41 AM

Clarence has always been my best friend since I have stayed here in this neighborhood…. Since our childhood until we’re grown ups now…. It might have been a long time since we have talk to each other but still, I’m not that far from her house because we’re just a few inches away from one’s home! I have never got to see this girl though that much since we do have our own business or jobs… And until now I haven’t keep track of what’s going on with Clara especially with her career path and love life! Damn miss a lot of action… Well then, at least we both achieved what we’ve been hoping for when we’re just kids…. to graduate a college degree and to earn and also to get what we want…. Oh well, this might have been too long to read, I just wish you well and see you around….

henryApr 15 2008, 05:31 AM

clarence dumlao.. tama b?hehehe clasm8 q nung high school pero once lng naiba kc kmi ng class.. sana ok lng sknya ngtesti aq. kht n hnd kmi close n clarence i assuming her as a friend. iba n ang ka-almamater!!! hanaga aq s na kschoolm8 qng nkatpos inggit nga aq. sis have a lots of gudluck for your career ang lovelife!!!(^_^testi lng aq ha.. harhar)

MichelleMar 31 2008, 02:19 AM

Dahil ginawan mo ko ng comment,gagawan din kita!!^_^hehehe

I’ve known her since we were in high school..sobrang bait nito and tahimik din parang ako kaya madali kaming nagkasundo. Dalagang Pilipina rin ito,name palang niya ang hinhin na!!!hehehe joke^_^
Well I hope to see you soon and if you need someone to talk to just holler on me..missyou^_^

Ciara AnnMar 20 2008, 08:01 AM

wehhh iam flattered naman sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Thanks for all the good words. Though we’re not that close and doesn’t speak too much I know if given the chance to know you more we would be good friends. Don’t worry when I see you I’ll see to it that I’ll bump you so that I’ll have the chance again to have a chat with you. BTW san ka na pala nagwowork. Keep in touch always and if you have problems dont hesitate to let me know. God Bless and take care.

agcFeb 21 2008, 08:41 PM

si clara
ang pagkakaalam ko
siya ang taong mabait
at marunong makisama

at di siya marunong mangiwan

kaya kung naging kaibigan mo si clara
naku im sure masuwerte ka
basta tandaan mo lng
friends p rin tayo..
un lng
and tnx

clara is a frend of mine during our greenwich time…. mbait yn, swit, caring, charming, mkulit sumtimes and goal seeker tlg…

knw y? Kz she used 2 finish her studies at UMAk though she’s a working student by that tym… o dibah’ astiggghhh yang frend ko! And so ryt nw, she’s focused n on her career n… I knw everything will b easy 4u kz u used 2 overcome all the challenges and sacrifices already… as being a student, crew, a daugther, a frend and a gf 2ur boyfrend!

Jz always rem.2 put all your worries and fears 2d Lord cz he will lead ur way… Godbless!

CheLFeb 05 2008, 05:50 PM

heller!!!uy muzta na?!!tnx sa testi ha..nakakatouch sobra..haha..miz z n nga mga klasm8 ntin eh!!!enewiez…c clara po?ol i can tell to her is so mabait and mahinhin..hehe..panmodel pa ang lakad san ka pa!!Gudluck po sa lovlyf u hoping na kau na ni kuya nhel in the end..keep up the gud work..Gobless And Takecare always..mwahhh,….

rheymoondFeb 02 2008, 09:25 PM

am sweet nyo nman
cous??? kka ing8…..jEjEjE..
am tc
nlang u cous
nd god
blEEss allwys!!!!!!!!!!

♥aĭşh13♥Jan 16 2008, 09:58 PM

hi clang, thnks nga po pala for lending you ears through all my problems..hope this is not only the time for us to be close…take care po…

JeRPeRT NHeLJul 16 2007, 00:53 AM

happy birthday and happy animonthsary sau baby saka nalang po ung gift ko sau ha kac alm mo naman po!! sa ngayon maibibigay ko lang sau ung buong pagmamahal ko sau habangbuhay at ang aking puso at buhay. Baby ungat ka palagi sa lahat ng gagawin at pupuntahan mo basta nandito lang ako para sau hanggang sa huling hininga ni nhel. ailoveu very so much sau no words can explain how much I love u promise. 1 month nalang aniversary na natin gawin natin lahat baby ha. bye ailoveu

JeRPeRT NHeLJun 19 2007, 03:31 AM

Happy 10 monthsary sau baby sana more animonthsary come at sana wag kang magbabago at tatandaan mo always na mahal na mahal kita sobra higit pa sa life ko promise at lagi lang ako nandito para sau at ung family ko. Baby di na ako makapaghintay na maging asawa ka at bubuo tau ng family. Baby gawin natin lahat ha at ako lahat gagawin ko para maging mabuting boyfriend sau promise. Ingat ka palagi ha at god bless always. I love you a trillion times.

JeRPeRT NHeLMay 27 2007, 08:04 AM

iTo aNG PiNaKaKaMaMaHaL KoNG BaBae Na Di Ko MaiPaGPaPaLiT Sa iBaNG GiRLS SiYa aNG NaG CoMPLeTe NG aKiNG BuHaY. TaNDaaN Mo aLWaYS Na MaHaL Na MaHaL KiTa HiGiT Pa Sa BuHaY Ko PRoMiSe. KaW LaNG aNG MaMaHaLiN Ko HaNGGaNG Sa HuLiNG HiNiNGa Ni NHeL aT DuLo NG WalaNG HaNGGaN. TaNDaaN Mo aLWaYS Na i’M alWaYS HeRe aND MY FaMiLY FoR You RaiN oR SHiNe. VeRY THaNK You aKo DaHiL iKaW aNG NaGiNG GiRLFRieND Ko aT GaGaWiN Ko LaHaT PaRa MaHiNGi Ko aNG HANDS Mo Sa PaReNTS Mo. aDVaNCe aND BeLaTeD aNiMoNTHSaRY Sau MoRe aNiMoNTHSaRY CoMeS. i LoVe u aLWaYS aT iNGaT Ka PaLaGi. GoD BLeSS aLWaYS LoVe u BaBY Mwahh.mwahh


I also cooked “Ginataang Tambakol” for our dinner, wow naka 1 1/2 rice ako, sayang yung 23 minutes na work out ko kanina, binawi ko sa pagkain, hahaha, sarap kasi ng luto ko eh (love your own, lol).

I am sad din tonight kasi natalo sa weigh in ang blue team, huhuhu 😦 basta blue team padin ako, go go go blue team.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :)  


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