Phase 2 Medical

* It’s kinda funny because, I alarmed my phone at exactly 5:30AM this morning to attend my Phase 2 Medical and when my phone alarmed, I bargain for another 5min because I am still sleepy, so I pressed the  stop button (confident enough that I will wake up after 5 minutes, and lesson learned – I must press the SNOOZE button not the STOP) but I am dead wrong, instead of 5:35AM, Nhel and I woke up at around 7AM, wew, if Nhel did not wake me up to, I will not be able to attend my phase 2 medical in the morning. However,  I am very lucky because I am expecting that my Phase2 medical will last for 4 hours, but I am wrong again, it was so fast that it lasted only less than 30min. They just collected my urine for a drug test and pregnancy test, and I did a vaccine for anti measles, anti mumps and anti pox – that’s it and after that we went to a photographer for my visa picture. I am happy that I finished my phase 2 medical and my visa picture in 2 hours only. Reality bites – I am a few steps away living on my own and leaving my family, friends and my homeland for quite a long time. I am really praying that Nhel will go after me, hopefully by August, God willing. And I am still asking for guidance, protection, strength, happiness, joy and peace of mind from God. Amen.

* Sad Clare 😦 – two things – 1. I saw an old man lying on the street. He is a beggar, grimy, super exhausted, has a skeletal physique, maybe because of no food to eat, and I couldn’t afford to look at him, I was in grief,  I don’t know what to do and the sad thing was that I did not do anything to make him in a better place.  Actually, I don’t know if he is still alive, coz when I looked at him (a quick looked), I did not see him breathing, and I felt ashamed of myself seeing an old man and me – doing nothing.  However, I am happy because there was still a “SAMARITAN” whose willing to reach into the man to help, a simple gesture for giving the old man something to eat. If I can still picture out, she was waking up the old man to give the food, but still the old man can’t talk nor move his body and get up, he was dying, literally. I ask for forgiveness from God for not doing a thing and all I can do is to pray for that old man and pray for the Samaritan. I know God is happy right now for the good deed of the woman. Mabuhay Ka.

2. It was like in the movie, seeing an act wherein there was a snatcher and the victim was running after him for her bag, hayyyyy, bad people are all over the place, so be careful everyone.

* After my medical we went to Nhel’s family in Makati, because today is Dick’s departure to Saudi, luckily we have reached him at home – his flight schedule is at 7PM tonight.

* Kuya Jerald and I had a bonding today. We went to Nike’s store @ Serendra The Fort to buy a Kobe’s shoes. He liked the light gray with a touch of blue on the lining but no size 9 1/2 , so the salesman informed us that there will be another new Kobe model arriving this coming Friday, so we will come back on Friday to buy one for my Kuya and he treated me @ Starbucks Market Market, thanks again bro.

* I am kinda feel weak at this very moment, actually I am expecting it, because my doctor – the one who did my vaccination told me that one of the effects of the vaccination will be high in temperature, and again, I am lucky and blessed that I don’t experience it, only I feel weak tonight, and I will be okay. That’s for sure.

That’s all folks.

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :) 


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