Pre-Departure Medical and Departure Briefing

Super tired today. I did my pre-departure medical, and it finished in less than 30min.  I just gave my stool, got a sample of my blood for a pregnancy test and had a chicken pox vaccination. Grabe naman the vaccination, ang sakit, even yung sa pagkuha ng dugo sakin, ang sakit din. Anyway after the pre-dep medical, the agent briefed me about the do’s and don’ts, just like in PDOS topic, paulit-ulit? Umabot kami ng 6PM, marami din kasing pinirmahan. Well, I understand that they are just making sure that everything will be okay on the day of our departure and our stay in Taiwan. 

Hayyyy, ngayon pa lang I feel homesick na 😦 You know what? I cried, tulo lang ng tulo yung luha ko, I cried until I can’t breath na. I cried in front of Kuya and Nhel, they want to call Mama, but I said NO, I don’t want mama to see me crying, kasi mas mahina loob non sakin, I want her to see me happy, para di mabigat sa kanya, sounds dramatic? Oh yes, because I am her baby girl and always be her little girl kahit may asawa na ako. I am the youngest in the family that is why it is hard for my Mama and even for me, I always depend on Mama in everything I do, body gestures ko pa lang, alam na nya na may problema ako. I pray to God for strength. Amen. Goodnight, sleepy na ako. 

To GOD be the glory

Love, love, love,

It’s me CLARE :) 


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